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Fertilizer Services

Fertizona is pleased to offer custom blended specialty fertilizers made to your specifications.  Fertizona currently manufactures many different dry and liquid fertilizer blends across Arizona. Our dry fertilizer manufacturing and bagging facilities provide our customers with the flexibility to create the fertilizers best suited for each need. If you are a retail supplier, nursery or garden center we can create custom fertilizer bags with your company name, logo, and fertilizer labels to create your own custom brand of fertilizer!

Dry Blends: For any questions about our dry fertilizer manufacturing and the various options available please call Tyke Bennett- (520) 518-0196

Liquid Blends: For any questions about custom liquid fertilizer blends, as well as our 50% Urea Solution (For feed and Industrial Application) please call Casey Compton- (520) 510-5054

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