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Living in the southwest, water is one of the largest limiting factors in agriculture as well as golf courses. Our growing population places increasing pressure on farmers to reduce water use. Agriculture has always been at the forefront of water stewardship, and new technology continues to improve how irrigation can be used more carefully. One perfect example is “drip” irrigation systems. As production acres using drip irrigation systems have increased in Arizona agriculture, so has the potential for new problems that can accompany change. Fertizona recognizes these constant changes in agriculture. We have developed a water quality and maintenance program to help our customers keep their drip irrigation systems clean and functioning properly.  
For more information please contact our Hydrology Manager Sarah Thielman at (520) 483-4541.
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Initial Water Sampling

Our hydrology manager will make an on-site visit to the farm to assess the problems the grower may be experiencing. This involves visually inspecting the pumps and drip lines as well as taking a water sample to understand what is causing these irrigation issues. 

The most common issues in drip irrigation systems are caused by mineral scale or biological fouling. The initial water sampling will allow us to better understand what is causing the problems, and what is the best course of action to take to correct it. This service is provided to our customers at no charge.


After the Initial Water Sample, our hydrology manager will determine the suggested treatment. This is generally one of two treatments:


  • A "shock treatment" to properly clean the drip irrigation lines, removing what is causing any current problems. Followed by a maintenance program to ensure the the system remains clean and running efficiently. 


  • In some cases a shock treatment is not required, but a maintenance program is recommended to keep the system clean and running smoothly throughout the growing season.   

Maintenance Program

As part of our maintenance program our hydrology manager will:

  • Install the appropriate equipment at pump site (pumps, injector systems).

  • Maintain the proper product inventory at pump site. Making sure our customers have the tools they need, when they need them.

  • Check each pump sites every 7-14 days to be sure everything is functioning properly.

  • Annual water samples (more frequently if water source changes)

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