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AMS Premium Blend

Product Type:
Water Conditioning Agent, Adjuvant, Antifoaming Agent, Deposition Aid
Product Description:
SmartLine™AMS Premium Blend™ is a highly refined and processed sprayable ammonium sulfate/polymeric combination designed to enhance herbicide performance. SmartLine AMS Premium Blend reduces antagonism in the spray tank and increases deposition of the herbicide resulting in improved uptake by the targeted weed species.
SmartLine AMS Premium Blend disperses rapidly in solution and has been specifically designed to mix well in cold water. The antifoaming ingredient in SmartLine AMS Premium Blend reduces the formation of troublesome foam.
SmartLine AMS Premium Blend is designed and manufactured with a very high level of purity to prevent plugged nozzles and screens. It is conveniently packaged and premeasured for a wide range of application rates and equipment.
Package Size:
51 lb. bag
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