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Grow The Right Way With Fertizona

Fertizona is Arizona’s largest agricultural fertilizer and crop protection retailer. With 9 locations located throughout Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico, and a regional trucking depot, fertilizer production facilities, and seed coating operation.

Fertizona and its member companies, Compton Ag Services, Ag Express, and CYC Seed Company provide inputs for Southwestern growers, turf managers, nurseries, landscapers, and municipalities. With an experienced staff of Pest Control Advisors, Agronomists and Turf Managers, we provide superior service and knowledge and provide for our Southwestern agriculture.

New nitrogen stabilizers offer option and improvements

Make your fertilizer more efficient

For years, many successful growers have relied on nitrogen stabilizers to minimize urea and UAN fertilizer losses in their fields, even though their product choice was limited to only one source: Agrotain®. But now Southwest growers have options.

Using an exclusive formulation technology known as PENXCEL™, Eco Agro Resources has developed two new patent-pending stabilizer products:

    1. 1. N-Yield™ with the same active ingredient as Agrotain Ultra for controlling volatility and
    2. 2. N-Bound™ containing the active ingredient found in Agrotain Plus for controlling denitrification and leaching

Depending on crop residue, heat, moisture and soil type, nitrogen fertilizer can quickly break down and escape either into the atmosphere or through leaching.

As much as 40% of surface-applied urea-based fertilizer can be lost to the environment, which means the grower is paying for fertilizer his plants never get. Nitrogen stabilizers can slow natural conversion processes, keeping more nutrients in the root zone. That’s a good investment.

“At Fertizona, one of our goals is to give growers smart choices,” said Tyrell Currie, Safety and Marketing Manager, Fertizona. “Agrotain works, but we feel this new PENXCEL technology is a superior option.”

Both N-Yield and N-Bound utilize PENXCEL technology which improves performance. PENXCEL drives the stabilizer ingredients deeper into the fertilizer granules. Penetrating the granules results in a more consistent, free-flowing finished blend that is less sticky and minimizes application risks like clogging spreaders.

Yield is another benefit. Because N-Yield coats fertilizer more thoroughly and consistently, the stabilizer works more evenly in the field. Early university research – in tough conditions similar to Arizona – indicates a potential performance advantage with N-Yield.

“We don’t believe in pushing certain brands,” Currie added. “We believe in making the best technologies available for customers, so they can make product choices that best fit their operations. That’s what trusted advisors do.”

For specific details about the right nitrogen stabilizers for your crops, contact your Fertizona or Compton Ag Representative at a nearby location.

SmartBlend™ Fertilizers

Grower tests shows yield advantage in alfalfa

Numbers don't lie. So when a recently completed comprehensive fertilizer comparison clearly demonstrated the superior results for a SmartBlend™ product, Fertizona felt it was the right time to talk about it.

Based on data from five cuttings during May through October, the top-yielding fertilizer was SmartBlend 7.5-26-0 8S from Fertizona, which produced an average of 526.33 small bales per border. The fertilizer was applied at a rate of 15 gallons/acre.

“It was a good test,” said Doyle Stewart, PCA, Fertizona – Buckeye, who coordinated the trial with PCA Greg Green, Fertizona – Buckeye. “We were impressed with how the alfalfa responded to the SmartBlend line of fertilizers.”

SmartBlend fertilizers from Fertizona and Compton Ag Services allow growers to personalize their crop nutrition with a fertilizer custom-made for their unique requirements. To create a SmartBlend, Fertizona analyzes specific soil and tissue data, climate and yield targets. By identifying the sufficient and deficient ranges of nutrients in a particular field, SmartBlends adjust those fertility levels to maximize crop growth and health for that precise location.

In the case of the Paloma trial, the 7.5-26-0 8S SmartBlend formulation – also known as “Phos-pHuric” – effectively delivered the vital phosphorus and supplemental sulfur those alfalfa stands needed for high yields. Simply put, the SmartBlend product out-performed all of the competitive products in the trial.

“Every crop has different nutrient needs,” said Stewart. “By using our experience and the data we collect, Fertizona can create a SmartBlend to help growers make the most of any situation."

For more information or to see specific details of the Paloma trials, contact Doyle Stewart at 602.541.9735 or Tim Walsh at 623.764.0664.

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