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"We're always dealing with factors we can't control, and we trust (Fertizona) to help us identify problems. This business is hard work, but it’s been a great ride."

- Cindi Pearson, Santa Rosa Produce

"Fertizona does what it takes to help us in any way they can. They often get us the products we need within just a few hours of when we order them. Their service is excellent."

- Steve Coester, Ak-Chin Farms

"I've never had to go outside of Fertizona for what I need. One of the best things about Ben (Hoyler) and Fertizona is that they treat my crops like they have an ownership stake in them."

Jon Post, Post Farms & Marana Pumpkin Patch

"I really like Fertizona's way of doing business. They're honest and straight in their dealings with us, especially about trying new things. Some other companies will come in and try to sell you a magic potion or a silver bullet, but there aren't any. Fertizona has always been very supportive."

Robert Van Hofwegen, Jr, Sunset Farms

"Growing the best potatoes is very expensive, and we insist on using only top-quality fertilizers and other products. Fertizona is able to deliver exactly the products we need, when we need them, and their service is excellent."

Florencio Rivera Aviles, Agropecuaria Malu

"I've never really worked with anybody else but Fertizona ever since I got here (Harquahala Valley, AZ). They have great people, great service and competitive prices. I trust Fertizona for just about everything."

Steve Melton, M&M Farms

"Fertizona constantly goes above and beyond for our operation. We do a lot of business with them and they are always there for us with exceptional products and a high level of service. Fertizona even offers various financing programs for customers if needed."

J.L. Echeverria, O&E Farms

"Fertizona gives us everything we need when we need it. We've worked with them for many years and we are extremely happy with their products and with the high level of service that they provide to us."

Cheryl Soto, Safford Valley Cotton Growers Co-op

"I use Fertizona for my seed, fertilizer and other things and I don't really need to do business with anybody else. My field people count on Fertizona a lot, too. If I had to point to one thing that makes Fertizona better, it's their excellent service. The Comptons are a stand-up family and I really care about them."

Mike Brooks, MK Farms

"We rely on Kevin's (Walsh) expertise. With his knowledge and flexibility, he's really good about finding economical ways to keep our grass strong and healthy. Fertizona definitely gives us a bigger bang for our buck."

Brandon Putman, City of Peoria

"Because of all the unique stuff we grow here, I often have to call, ask for for special fertilizers or chemicals and Compton Ag has always come through for me. I also really appreciate their involvement in our community. Compton Ag provides a lot of local support, especially for kids."

Joe Van Dyke, Jr., Joe Van Dyke Farms

"The staff at Fertizona has deep knowledge of the products and labeling, which helps us avoid liability issues from mismanagement of chemicals. Plus, we've had a very high level of service from Fertizona. We know we can always count on Fertizona."

Harold Payne, Fort McDowell Tribal Farm

"Fertizona is a one-stop shop; they take the worry out of insect, weed and disease control. Getting all my fertilizers and pesticides from Fertizona helps me manage costs and allows me to be as efficient as possible."

David Wuertz, Sundance Farms

"Fertizona has helped our business be more profitable. I enjoy doing business with them - they have great customer service, their prices are good and they have no problem locating products for me. I would recommend Fertizona to any grower."

John Bay, Desert Trees Nursery

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Grow The Right Way With Fertizona

Fertizona is Arizona’s largest agricultural fertilizer and crop protection retailer. With 9 locations located throughout Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico, and a regional trucking depot, fertilizer production facilities, and seed coating operation.

Fertizona and its member companies, Compton Ag Services, Ag Express, and CYC Solutions Company provide inputs for Southwestern growers, turf managers, nurseries, landscapers, and municipalities. With an experienced staff of Pest Control Advisors, Agronomists and Turf Managers, we provide superior service and knowledge and provide for our Southwestern agriculture.

Make Your Chemicals Work Harder With SmartLine™ Rev-It™

SmartLine™ Rev-It™

SmartLine™ Rev-It™ is Fertizona's exclusive spray adjuvant that can significantly increase the coverage, penetration, absorption and activation of chemical sprays. Rev-It improves the passage of pesticides through plant cuticles, instantly making your sprays more effective and economical.

“Rev-It spreads well on leaves and then enhances the uptake and performance of postemergent herbicides,” said Dennis Osborn, Crop Protection Sales Manager, Fertizona. “Rev-It basically heats up the herbicides so they can control weeds faster and more thoroughly.”

Rev-It is based on a proprietary, multicomponent formulation of methylated seed oils. It was developed as an alternative for nonionic surfactants and crop oil concentrates or petroleum oils, with the goal of maximizing the value of crop protection chemicals. And it works. University research has proven that methylated seed oils increase the consistency and performance of post-emergent herbicides.

“By improving your weed control, Rev-It not only promotes yield potential, but it can also save you money by allowing you to avoid re-treatments,” added Osborn.

SmartLine Rev-It may be applied by air or ground and can be used with herbicides, defoliants, desiccants, fungicides, insecticides and miticides.

Typical application rates vary from 1.5 to 2 pints per acre, depending on water hardness, spray droplet size, weed populations and other factors. Be sure to follow label directions for Rev- It and the pesticide being sprayed. If applying to a sensitive crop, treat a small area first and check for adverse effects on the crop. Also use extra caution with selective herbicides.

Rev-It is the latest addition to our SmartLine group of products -- Fertizona’s complete line of adjuvants, surfactants and water conditioners. Fertizona is continuing to develop as many products as possible which are available for use in New Mexico and California as well as Arizona.

For more details, please contact Casey Compton at 520.510.5054 or Craig Allen at 602.402.3371, or talk to your Fertizona representative. You may also visit our products page for more information.

Coated Seed Improves Planting, Growing and Profits

Fertizona advances exclusive coating technology

For several years, Fertizona has been pioneering and expanding the uses of coated seed, and now more growers are discovering the benefits of the products.

Growing Seeds

Fertizona and CYC Seed Company are the only distributors in Arizona offering a range of unique coated seeds. Our products include several coated seed varieties for alfalfa as well as coated ryegrass and bermudagrass seed for landscapers and golf course superintendents. The process is based on the simple concept of taking proven varieties of raw seed and treating them with a special high-tech polymer coating. The coated seed provides many important advantages.

One key reason coated alfalfa seed is a better choice for desert Southwest soils is that the coating itself retains moisture around the seedling after it's planted, so fewer seeds will dry out. That increased survivability quickly results in more successful germination and better stand establishment.

But better yet, it means fewer seeds are needed per acre, which can greatly lower your input costs.

“Coated seeds give growers more value,” said Tyke Bennett, Seeds Product Manager, Fertizona. “With coated alfalfa seeds, a significantly greater percentage of seeds in a bag produce viable seedlings, and that leads to higher profits.” “

You get just as good a population, or better, with less seed,” said Craig Allen, Manager, Fertizona - Fennemore. “I’ve seen it work with my own eyes. Last January we planted a field of coated alfalfa seed and it came up in three or four days.”

“The guys who use the coated seed really like it,” said Casey Compton, President, CYC Seed Company. “They like the cost benefits and they like getting a more consistent stand.”

Easier planting for better turfgrass

Coated seed also makes a big difference for turfgrass professionals. Thanks to our exclusive process called Coat-Right®, CYC Seed Company and Fertizona can help you save valuable time and money when establishing new grass.

The coating on the seed is red, which improves your application efficiency. When you can immediately see where the seed has been thrown, it minimizes skips or overlaps. The red coating also helps with managing your irrigation patterns and distribution uniformity.

“The color on the seed washes off when it gets wet,” Allen explained, “so if you still see red seed on the ground after you water, you can clearly see where the irrigation is missing and needs to be adjusted. Those are huge benefits.”

The economic advantages of coated seed make it a very attractive alternative, especially with the product's demonstrated ability to promote strong, healthy turfgrass. For added savings, the coated ryegrass gives you a choice of a 34% or 50% blend.

“This is the future of rye seed,” said Nick Lubich, Turf Management Specialist, Fertizona - Fennemore. “When we introduced our economical Desert Gold® variety we saw very good results, with accelerated germination and quick establishment of solid turf.”

On alfalfa seed, the coating options include rhizobia inoculants to encourage the formation of nitrogen fixation. The micronutrient package is based on a proven blend of zinc, iron and manganese.

Only Fertizona and CYC Seed Company are making this kind of investment in unique seed coating technology. It's all part of our commitment to your success.

“It's easy to see the economic advantages,” said Allen.

For more information about coated seed, please contact Casey Compton at 520.510.5054 or Craig Allen at 602.402.3371, or talk to your Fertizona representative.

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